The Revo Burst, an intense new LED Moonflower thst saturates the stage or dance floor with color.

Boasting a 46-degree beam angle and 294 LEDs arranged in 7 equal clusters that strobe and turn on/off in synchronization, the new effect creates a fireworks display of light.

The Revo Burst’s wide beam angle results in extensive light coverage, so there’s no need to hang this effect very high in order to immerse a dance floor with brilliantly colored light. A very dynamic effect, the Revo Burst spreads vivid clusters of life in every direction on walls, ceilings and floors, to create an impressive color display with our without the use of fog.

The seven 42-LED clusters of light in the Revo Burst strobe and turn on/off in precise synchronization using the unit’s built-in programs. As one would expect from such a visually stunning effect, the built-in programs in the Revo Burst are anything but routine, with bold and daring movements that will sweep crowds of their feet. To add to the natural flow and spontaneity of a show, DJs can use the ADJ UC3 hand-held controller to turn the unit on and off and select the various built-in lightshows.

Linkable via XLR connections, the Revo Burst can be run in three operation modes: DMX, Sound Active & Master/Slave, as well as 10 DMX Channels (4 Channel mode or 10 Channel mode). Among the user-friendly features of the unit is a 4-button LED DMX display on the rear panel. The Revo Burst’s 7 clusters of light have a total of 294 sharp LEDs (84 red, 105 green, 63 blue and 42 white). Other features include 0-100% dimming and slow-to-fast color strobing.

Compact and lightweight, the Revo Burst is easy to pack and transport for mobile DJs, weighing in at just 8 lb (3.4 kg) and measuring 12”x8.5”x9.5” (312x216x239mm). The unit also features a multi-voltage operation (AC 100-240V 50/60Hz) that allows for a Revo fireworks show anywhere and anytime. Because of the LED lamp’s 100,000-hour life and 20W max power consumption, the Revo Burst is as friendly to the environment as it is to any budget.

MSRP of $239.95.

Originally posted 2010-10-07 17:53:04.