As I travel the globe as a touring artist, educator, and occasional tourist, I am privileged to constantly meet fellow musicians, promoters, event coordinators, and fans.  I less often have the opportunity to meet inventors – especially ones of such a genuinely high caliber.


I first met Harald Gillis, inventor of the AddString, at the MusikMesse event in Frankfurt, Germany three years ago.  The Messe is the largest Music Trade show in Europe and is an absolute melting pot of talent from around the globe in the field of music.


After the 2012 show, I wrote an article for L2P (May 2012) as an attempt to bring attention to Harald’s ingenious invention, the AddString.  This simple and affordable device allows for the addition of a single string to a standard 6 string guitar.  This new string can be placed above or below the 3rd or 4th string as an example, turning a 6 stringed guitar into a 7 stringed instrument.  The gauge of the string is up to the players’ preference.


The result is the fascinating creation of a loosely simulating sound somewhat akin to a 12 string guitar as well as providing of a unique chorus effect.  One of the beauties of the device is in its simplicity to add or ‘attach’ the string to your guitar along with the ability during a performance to dip the additional string in or out with a basic ‘hook’, available at the right of the sound hole.


Instead of continuing the dialogue here about this new gem of a unit, I thought I’d share some brief videos demonstrating the AddString with various open tunings as well as standard tuning.


These videos were filmed during a 2013 tour of The Netherlands where I enjoyed the hospitality of the Dutch as well as the opportunity to perform a few gigs.  It was a real treat to be invited to visit on behalf of AddString with the opportunity to foster my friendship with both Harald and his partner, Piet Vermazeren, and both of their families. 


Included in the videos are a variety of pre-selected string locations to show the depth of the AddString.  I’d encourage anyone who wants to challenge their creative mind to give this new musical accessory a whirl.


– Richard Gilewitz


Originally posted 2013-06-21 19:04:06.