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#7 Don’t prepare for rehearsal.


Rehearsal is not for learning songs.  That is something you’re supposed to do on your own.  You listen to the song; you chart the song, you learn the song, and then…at some point everyone gets together and you work up your band’s version of the song.


But inevitably at least one person in the band will have not taken the effort to learn the song.  There are easy to pick out at a rehearsal: they are the ones who insist on listening to the song before the first run through…and…while “listening” to the play through, they are frantically noodling on their instrument trying to figure out their part.


Do they have a chart?




Do they want a copy of yours?


You think?


Every musician, by nature of just being a musician, has been this guy at some point; so usually at least one free pass is given. 


But make it habitual, and it is a recipe for getting canned.  So, this could be your out. 


Showing up unprepared is more effective if you premise it with a “we don’t need to rehearse” when the time is being scheduled.


Maybe the only thing more un-professional than being unprepared for a rehearsal is being unprepared for a gig.


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