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9.  Duck Deluxe Ax Wax


Dr. Duck Axe Wax might seem a little like buying snake oil from the back of a wagon in the surly times of the old west.


After all, Dr. Duck (who is a character worthy of an article of his own) calls it “The Marvel Mystery Oil of the Guitar Industy” and, quite contradictory to the product’s moniker, contains no wax at all.


However, unlike the cure-alls of the past, Duck’s Ax Wax does actually works: it cleans, polishes, and moisturizes.  And not only can it be used on both finished and unfinished woods, but it can be used on pickguards and metal parts as well.  There is even (un-substantiated) claims that Ax Wax can be used on strings as a lube and life-extender.




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