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4. Make Me Louder


Okay, this is easy…and it is the single most important element of your job: make me louder!


And, of course, I want that without feedback.


And, of course, that’s just during soundcheck…when we’re doing a show I’m going to want even more.


I’ve noticed that some artists use one monitor and others use two.  I think an artist of my stature and sound requirements should have three…I mean if you can’t do it with two, three is more.  And stop blabbing to me about mic patterns…dude, they all look alike.


I’m a fairly cool guy, so during soundcheck when I’m asking you to bring me up (I’ve learned that I like it at about 115db) I’m going to be wearing sunglasses and a ballcap…that’s shouldn’t be a problem, should it?


Next Up: #3 Stop Ringing Out the P.A. with Steely Dan.