Multi-instrumentalist production duo Intergalactix features the talents of longtime friends & collaborators Kristian Attard and Serg Dimitrijevic. Originally from Sidney, Australia, the two collided in Los Angeles in 2013. Their new double-sided EP “S.T.S – R.N.D” is (according to the press releases) “a rich melodic electro-indie record that propels the listener deep into otherworldly dimensions where futuristic synth-visions reign supreme.” Then again, as Serg points out in the following interview, It’s best to let the listener decide. Intergalactix is currently on tour with Strange Talk promoting the upcoming release in the US. I had planned to connect face-to-face with Kristian and Serg prior to their show in Rochester, NY. However a last minute cancellation of that show prompted us to chat via Email. Here’s a bit of the conversation:

In previous interviews, you have described your music with words like Future Funk, Galactic, Electro, Synthtopia, and Analogue – Personally, it sound to me like New Wave Ethereal Pop — am I close?
(Kristian): I guess you could call it that. The older EP is probably more along those lines but the new stuff definitely has a more funkier approach!
(Serg): The best thing for us is that the listener make up their own mind and let them connect with the music the way they hear/feel it.

Among your favorite artists you list Prince, Stevie Wonder, Sly & the Family Stone, Tears for Fears and The Cure. I can definitely hear the influence of Prince and Stevie in the rhythms, and Tears in the melodies. What other groups have influenced your sound and how so?
(Serg): We are big music fans and listen to a lot of different styles/genres of music. Sometimes they just all come out in our writing and production. Some other artists that have definitely influenced us are ; Roger Troutman & Zapp, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, D’Angelo, Eurythmics, Human League, Little Dragon, Parliament , Bootsy Collins to name a few
(Kristian): I’d say you’re definitely right. Instrumentally the music is very soul/funk driven but the vocals are definitely more New Wave Indie Pop. That’s definitely been the formula of our sound so far and comes really naturally to us.


There’s no questioning that you’ve managed to find that elusive sweet spot with a sound that is both progressive and commercial. Did you hit upon this sound by accident or was something you both had running about in your heads?
(Serg): It’s definitely something that we both had running in our heads. We’ve had a few other bands in the past and this was something we always wanted to do. We would always work with other artists whether producing, recording or writing with them and this is something we’ve always felt comfortable with. Our vision has always been to write and produce music that is current or a step ahead of the trends and that has pop sensibilities without it being too cliche or cheesy.
(Kristian): I think naturally our melodies have a pop sense to them and I guess it comes down to taste as to whether a melody is hooky but still cool in our minds. It can definitely be a fine line sometimes but it’s really the emotion and delivery behind it that counts.

When you are working on new material, what is your creative process?
(Serg): The creative process varies for us. We work on a lot of ideas collectively and also work on ideas whilst traveling and then we send each other those ideas and see which stick. Once we both agree on the strongest ideas we then get to work and finish those songs. We are constantly writing and collecting a big data base of songs so we can choose the strongest material for our live show and future releases.
(Kristian): Sometimes we work on ideas we’ve had hanging around for years and try find the right pieces to finish them off. Other times we start fresh and see where we end up. We also love to collaborate with different artists of all genres.

Your press materials mention that you have both been working “behind the scenes” with various well-known artists for over a decade. What are some of the projects you worked on and in what capacity?
(Serg): We’ve been fortunate to be able to work with some amazing artists over the years. This has seen us work as touring musicians, studio musicians, producers or writers with artist such as Earth Wind & Fire, Jason Mraz, Heart, Sugar Ray, Arianna Grande, Aretha Franklin, Meghan Trainor , Grace Potter, Good Charlotte and Zedd to name a few.

How is the current tour going? When did it start, how long and how many cities in the US will get a chance to hear you live?
(Serg): The current tour is going great! We’re having a lot of fun out on the road. We’re fortunate to be touring with our good friends Strange Talk. Being both from Australia, it’s been a great experience to do shows together and to be able to tour the U.S. together. The tour started Oct 13th. This tour is a 4-5 week run and we’re hitting 26 cities round the country. We’ve been playing some killer shows and meeting so many new friends along the way.

What does “S.T.S – R.N.D” stand for?
(Serg): S.T.S – R.N.D are acronyms for our song titles. We find that we shorten the titles of our songs when we’re working to make things simpler but we’ve ended up liking the way it looks. S.T.S stands for “Something To Say” which is our current single and R.N.D stands for “Right Next Door” which is our 2nd single from the same EP. This new release is a double sided release.

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