I was fortunate enough to attend the 2017 Scare LA Summer Halloween Convention. When I arrived I was surprised at how much its grown since I attended the last time. When we walked in, it was bustling with activity. On top of lots of cool venders with great Halloween/goth /sci-fi goodies there were some cool scary mazes, scifi/horror star signings, horror attractions and horror movies in a screening room in the rear of the hall. All free with admission. On top of all this there were industry panels as well.

I attended a panel for Universal Studios Horror nights. It was very entertaining for sure and filled to capacity. On that note, the overall attendance at Scare LA seemed to be great and it was definitely a fun crowd with lots dressed in costumes. I also had fun crowd-watching especially the entire families that were dressed up. I highly recommend this event and it’s suitable fun for the whole family even though there were a couple mazes that were 18 and over. If horror and fun are your thing I would suggest definitely checking out Scare LA.