Renkus-Heinz has introduced a new version of their Iconyx Gen5 Series integrating Dante™, media networking technology from Audinate.

All Gen5 Series models including Iconyx and IC Live (ICL-F-RN) will be available with Dante control. The Brooklyn-based Dante implementation features dual RJ45 connections for fully redundant operation, and a single cable carries both Dante and RHAON II control data for streamlined connectivity.

Iconyx Gen5 represents the fifth generation of Renkus-Heinz’s acclaimed Iconyx Series, incorporating UniBeam Technology for dramatically more uniform coverage, increased output, and faster setup, with new configurations for easier and more cost effective installation. Dante-enabled models will be designated with a suffix of RD (e.g., IC16-RD).

Dante is a complete audio networking solution for high-performance audio distribution over standard IP networks, supporting hundreds of simultaneous channels of uncompressed audio with ultra-low latency and sub-microsecond synchronization accuracy. Dante provides manufacturers and users alike with a full suite of tools and capabilities for full plug-and-play operation, including automatic device discovery, software-based signal routing, and complete integration with PCs.

Dante-enabled models of Renkus-Heinz Gen5 products will begin shipping in February.