The international finals for the Roland V-Drums® World Championship 2, Roland’s annual competition that showcases the talents of electronic percussionists from around the globe, is taking place Thursday, April 11, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.


The event will broadcast live on the V-Drums contest website.


vdrum 040913


This year’s championship event features 16 international V-Drums finalists, and will feature behind the scenes interviews, expert judges and a performance by the German rock band The Intersphere.

Roland’s yearly V-Drums contest gives drummers a premier opportunity to explore their musical passion, flexibility and the creative options of electronic percussion instruments.


Nearly 5,000 participants competed worldwide during the preliminaries last year.


The event will be held at the prestigious Südbahnhof music club, and the winner will be determined based on playing technique, musicality, groove, creativity, entertainment value, playing tricks and precision.


roland vdrum 040913


Visit the international V-Drums contest page for more details and follow the conversation on Twitter via  #vdrumscontest.

Originally posted 2013-04-09 15:48:41.