According to Ken “Pooch” Van Druten (Linkin Park, Kid Rock, Kiss) “H-Reverb (From Waves Audio) is the ultimate customizable reverb! It’s my new go-to. It just sounds amazing. What makes high-end hardware units sound so great is the reverb tail. The very end of the reverb in most plugins has bad breakup. H-Reverb has a very smooth reverb tail, as smooth as the best hardware units out there. I think most people would be hard-pressed to tell the difference.”  
Waves Audio says the FIR engine that powers H-Reverb lets you shape and customize the reverb decay envelope beyond the standard linear forms, resulting in perfectly gated, real reverse, and dense reverb tails that don’t muddy up the mix. In addition, H-Reverb incorporates Waves’ advanced analog modeling along with a drive control, offering signal behavior that until now was found exclusively in high-end hardware reverb devices. This unique design also enables input drive, a technique favored by many top engineers.
Along with “Pooch, ” H-Reverb includes an impressive library of artist presets from the industry’s leading mixing engineers (including Toni Maserati, Brad Divens, Daniel Green, Dave Darlington, Dave Stagl, James Ebdon, Kevin Madigan, Pete Keppler, Ross Hogarth and Yoad Nevo, to name just a few). Their personal settings may be the perfect space you’re looking for, or simply the perfect point to start from.  
By fusing classic reverb concepts with forward-thinking features that break new ground in digital reverb processing, H-Reverb provides uncompromising sound quality and boundless creative control.