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Say What You Will, A Gig Is Still A Gig

Earlier today I was thinkin’, “Hey, how come there are no more hit records where someone just whistles?”

Back in 1967, A song entitles “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman,” was a one-hit (yes, bona fide hit) wonder by a fella known as Whistling Jack Smith. Truth be told, it was actually Trumpeter John O’Neill who did the whistling (his credits also included whistling the melody to the theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly). It was Billy Moeller (stage name Coby Wells) who was pictured on the album cover and it’s Billy you see in this video whistle-syncing the tune and strutting about the stage like…. well, like I said, a gig is gig. Point of trivia: The song was penned by Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway who also wrote Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress for The Hollies. Take it away Jack…..

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Bruce Bartlett

Audio Engineering Society member Bruce Bartlett is a recording engineer, audio journalist, and microphone engineer (www.bartlettaudio.com). His latest books are "Practical Recording Techniques 6th Edition" and "Recording Music On Location."

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