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Music Around the World: Salt Lake City & Rock Springs

From Germany to New Zealand to the USA. How’s that for picking up some air miles and extra peanuts?
Upon my return from touring the beautiful land of New Zealand, I flew to Salt Lake City to join my Nashville friends, “Plaidgrass”.

Gilewitz_dancersWe then drove to Rock Springs, Wyoming to perform at International Day, a day-long event featuring music, foods, and goods from around the world – a special tribute to the 56 nationalities that make up the community of Rock Springs. Players, dancers, demonstrators – complete with a roaming accordion player -and food vendors rounded out this annual summer festival in Bunning Park.

Gilewitz_ haka danceOperating on my own jet-lag timing from traveling around several time zones with only 2 days between the tours, it was quite a challenge to play with these top notch players who have absolute rock-solid timing. But it was great fun and I quickly locked in the groove as I seized this opportunity to hone my musical and performance skills.

Gilewitz_RS_festivalTo further test my mettle, in the middle of my first tune with Plaidgrass I was stung on the back of my neck by an enthusiastic bee. As I feverishly swatted away at my head after a brief noggin-boogie-dance, Tim May quickly covered for me on guitar – laughing his head off as the audience watched my own animated head movements. Perhaps stage antics should be added to the universal language of music!

Richard Gilewitz August 2008

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About the author

Richard Gilewitz

For over three decades fingerstyle guitarist Richard Gilewitz has charmed audiences with road tales and right-hand wizardry, creating a sparkle of mood mastery and wonderment during each performance. Recognized world wide as a performer who has a quirky take on everything around him, Richard lives up to this depiction with rousing shows filled with offbeat observations and 6 & 12-string gymnastics. As a youngster, Richard Gilewitz embraced such diverse artists as The Beatles, Andres Segovia, Kraftwerk, Leo Kottke, J.S. Bach, Arlo Guthrie, John Fahey and Flatt & Scruggs. With Richard's signature playing style delivering a technical diversity of banjo style picking patterns, classical arpeggios, tapping and harmonics, along with a rhythmic and percussive approach, he shares a fresh impression of sound to the listener during his concert performances and at his annual 2-day GillaCamp Guitar Workshop. Students around the globe also attend Richard's roving GillaCamp Guitar Workshop, a 1 to 4 hour interactive experience that provides players an avenue to renew their love of the guitar. In between touring, Richard conducts private lessons and also teaches students through Skype. Catch Richard's tour schedule at www.richardgilewitz.com

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