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How Soundmen Can Keep Me Happy

(continued from here)


9. Bring Me Something to Drink.


Maybe this is not “officially” in your job description (hence the “I’m not your effin’ waitress” comment I often hear), and I get it…but it’s just a nice thing to do.


If I were ever to ask you over to the bus, I’m fairly sure my road manager or someone would offer you a drink.


Here are a couple of bullet points to help you out with subject:


When I say drink, I mean a shot of Jack Daniels.


Unless I specify water, which means room temperature Fiji Water.


Unless I want cold water…so, you’ll have to figure that out.


Or, it might mean a beer.



If this is a club gig, you may need to run to the bar to get that.  Go ahead and buy it, I’ll get you on the flip-flop.


Next Up: #8 Round Up Some Hot Girls for the Post Show Party.



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