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GEAR REVIEW: Dueling IEMs From Ultimate Ears

We did something very different this time…

I was fitted with a pair of UE IEMs as was the Sith Lord of Audio, Darth Fader. I got the top of the line “normal” ones and Lord Fader got the personalized ones called PRMs (Personal Reference Monitors) that are “tuned” to the taste of the end user. Originally we had planned on doing it the other way around with me getting the PRMs to see if i could tune them to compensate for high-end loss from years of playing and mixing shows. But the “black box” for tuning was only available in New York and L.A. and it was easier for Darth to make a short detour in his TIE Fighter than it was for me to book a flight. Over a period of several months, we both used the IEMs in a number of settings. And we chatted about the results. Instead of presenting two separate reviews, we are going to give you a transcript of the conversation. And away we go.

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