Gear Hunter

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What the #$%@ is Gear Hunter? Only the coolest search module for music gear you have ever seen.

On every "inside" page on the Live2Play Web site ("inside" is publishing speak for anything not on the front or home page), you will see a search dialog box just to the right of the article. Enter in the name of any piece of music or audio gear and instantly get a treasure trove of info--YouTube videos, Wikepedia entry if it exists, Amazon listing and eBay auctions. Clicking on any of them takes you directoy to that page.


So you can read a review, use Gear Hunter to search, see several YouTube videos featuring the gear you read about, get full specs via Wikipedia and shop for it new or used from Amazon or via eBay. Pretty cool, right.


When a page comes up, a random piece of gear will already be loaded into Gear Hunter. This is stuff made the by the totally bitchin sponsors who allow us to bring you all of this cool stuff. So make sure to check out what's there. And then, search away. The Gear Hunt is officially on...