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Cheap Tricks: Top 10 D.I.Y. Projects For Musicians

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#1 The $10 Microphone GoBo Reflection Filter.


What can we say?  This cheap-ass project has the looks of its professionally manufactured inspiration.  And by D.I.Y., you can save a cool hundred bucks.


If you don’t have the room or the inherent need for a full on vocal booth, this reflection filter fits the bill.  Simply placing this GoBo behind the mic keeps those undesirable room noises at bay.




We might suggest taking apart a microphone clip as in our #3 Mic Shock Mount video to allow this reflector to be mounted on a stand.  Simply drilling a hole in the center of the frame and inserting it into the slot of the base portion of the clip, then re-inserting the bolt and nut should do it.


Please feel free to write Jake@l2pnet.com if you have any D.I.Y. projects you’d like to share with your fellow musicians.


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