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New@NAMM – “GuitarGuy” Tim’s New Gear Picks

By Tim Hemingway

This year, my assignment at NAMM was to walk around and look for cool new stuff.  Since I’m still relatively a NAMM-newbie (3rd time), I still enjoy wondering aimless for hours looking at the latest gadgets, good and bad.  I’ll address the bad in another blog post, but for today I’m going to give you […]


New@NAMM: Waves Butch Vig Vocals and H-Reverb

By Waldo Watts

Among the most influential rock producers of recent decades, Butch Vig has directly shaped the sound of modern rock. From Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins to Foo Fighters and his own band Garbage, Vig has contributed his signature sound to some of the most legendary albums from the grunge era to the present. The defining element […]


Insert Effects Vs. Send Effects

By Bruce Bartlett

By Bruce Bartlett Many people confuse INSERT effects with SEND effects. What are they, and where do you place them in a DAW during a mixdown project? An INSERT effect is inserted into a track, in series with the track’s signal, to process that signal. Examples of insert effects are EQ, compression, gating, and de-essing. A […]


Live Sound 101: What Is Gain Structure?

By Darth Fader

BY DARTH FADER Gain structure – yet another part of the Force that can either lift you into superstardom or kick your butt into the dark galaxy of oblivion. What is it? Why should you care? Let’s find out… The explosion of affordable PA gear that started in the ‘90s has been a double edged […]


Buddy Guy “Lifetime Achievement” Award

By Waldo Watts

The National GUITAR Museum announced that Buddy Guy, the pioneering electric blues guitarist who influenced a generation of rock guitarists, is the recipient of its “Lifetime Achievement” Award for 2014. Buddy is the fifth recipient of the award, following David “Honeyboy” Edwards in 2010, Roger McGuinn of The Byrds in 2011, B.B. King in 2012, […]


The Ever Changing Business Model

By Riley Wilson

One of my guitar students and his father came to see me at a restaurant gig a couple weeks ago. He’s a successful businessman and I asked him casually, “ how often does your business model change?” He answered, “weekly!” After confiding that mine has changed several times since moving to Texas, we discussed trends […]


Do You Have A HIt?

By Waldo Watts

Do I Have A Hit Song is the television talent search that gives artists an opportunity to publicize their music and get it distributed to the world. Unlike the current crop of of talent shows, which encourage participants to perform covers, Do I Have A Hit Song? looks beneath the surface and searches for the […]


New: AT5045 Premier Studio Instrument Mic

By Robert Lindquist

Featuring audio-technica’s largest single diaphragm, the AT5045 is a premier, side-address studio instrument mic in a convenient, stick-type body. Inside, the mic’s circuitry has been honed to deliver an unprecedented dynamic range (141 dB) with remarkably musical high-fidelity performance and putity of sound: a 50 Series hallmark. Audio-Technica says the AT5045 studio condenser instrument microphone […]


The World Stage

By Richard Gilewitz

I believe I’ve found the cure to jet lag. It’s actually rather simple. First you acclimate by flying from Florida to Wyoming and back. That’s just the warm up. Follow that with a flight to both islands in New Zealand, continue west to Australia, return to Florida, take one day off and then spend an […]

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