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How To Survive Summer NAMM

By Bill Evans

Well it’s already time for 2017 Summer NAMM. I’ve missed it the last couple years but my sponsor, Stone Tone, decided he wanted me to do the show. On top of that I was going to be breaking in my brand new Viper RN prototype guitar that was literally finished a couple days before I […]


Nashville, Here I Come (Again)

By Ronny North

Well time does fly for sure.  Seems like I just played 2017 Winter NAMM and now here we are in July and time for Summer NAMM in Nashville. I have played summer NAMM several times over the years so I sort of know the lay of the land. The major thing to deal with is […]


QSC K Cardioid Subwoofer

By Robert Lindquist

@NAMM 2017 – QSC says the newest member of the K Series family, the K Cardioid Subwoofer, is the world’s first-in-class single-box powered cardioid subwoofer solution for highly portable entertainment and installation applications. The Tech: Typically, subwoofers radiate sound equally in all directions, resulting in troublesome, unwanted low-frequency build-up on stage as well as undesired, […]


PRS Guitars Introduces New Sonzera Amplifier Line

By Robert Lindquist

@NAMM 2017 — PRS Guitars has introduced the new Sonzera series of guitar amps, which consists of the Sonzera 50 Watt Combo, Sonzera 50 Watt Head, and Sonzera 20 Watt Combo. Featuring a rugged-gauge steel chassis, custom transformers and road-ready construction, each Sonzera model is ready to deliver serious tone with maximum reliability. Their highly-versatile […]


Electro-Voice Celebrates 90 Years

By Robert Lindquist

@NAMM 2017. EV is kicking off its 90th year with a “LOUD & CLEAR” pledge to portable speaker customers:  Big wattage is fine, but clarity is key. Under the LOUD & CLEAR banner, EV’s NAMM booth will serve as a live performance venue to showcase talent playing through EV’s best-selling family of portable loudspeakers and […]


Supro’s Historic Reso-glass Guitar Reissues

By Robert Lindquist

@NAMM 2017: Building on a storied legacy that dates back to the origins of rock & roll music and the first electrified instruments, Supro has now announced the introduction of fourteen new electric guitars based on the best-selling vintage models from this legendary American brand. The look and sound of Supro guitars is their distinctive […]


News: She Rocks Awards Opening Act Contest

By Robert Lindquist

The Women’s International Music Network (the WiMN), in partnership with #SaveAGuitar has announced the #SaveAGuitar and She Rocks Awards contest. The contest will award one winner the opening spot performing at the 5th annual She Rocks Awards on Friday, January 20, 2017, at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. The winner will also receive […]