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Video Review: Yamaha DSR-112

By Robert Lindquist

It’s a little known secret that our own RevBill (Evans) was once chased about and accosted by a goose, so it was probably best that I be assigned reviewing this pair of Yamaha DSR112 powered loudspeakers and their matching 118W subwoofer. Two Approaches Last year, I told you about our very positive experiences with the […]


Review: Yamaha DXR15 Powered Loudspeakers

By Robert Lindquist

by Robert Lindquist For the brainy guys in lab coats, building a loudspeaker with its own dedicated onboard amp provides the complete freedom they need to create a totally optimized product. The current state of powered loudspeakers is beyond sophisticated. What’s going on behind that back panel in terms of processing and protection is simply […]


The Ukulele Versus the Advanced Beginner

By Richard Gilewitz

In a recent blog about a unique traveling guitar stand cleverly named “The Pub Prop”, I spoke about my friend Mark Pugh in the UK, his invention and his company Stones-Music. As it turns out his company’s real specialty is an indulgence in the world of ukuleles. What I found out last fall while touring […]


Recording a Piano

By Bruce Bartlett

by Bruce Bartlett Recording a Grand Piano This magnificent instrument is a challenge to record well. First have the piano tuned, and oil the pedals to reduce squeaks. You can prevent thumps by stuffing some foam or cloth under the pedal mechanism. One popular method uses two spaced mics inside the piano. Use omni or […]


“This Plugin Saved My Mix”

By Bill Evans

by Bill Evans “The one plugin that has saved many of my mixing days? I would have to say is Waves C4.” There have been many instances but most recently, I was mixing for Usher’s current LP Looking For Myself and one of the songs I mixed was “I Care For You”. The main wobble […]


The Recording Coach: EQ & Vocal Effects

By Bruce Bartlett

by Bruce Bartlett EQ QUESTION Hey Bruce, how have you been? I have a quick question: When separating instruments in the mix, does it sound better to have them slightly overlap or make sure that the frequency ranges are separated completely? Thanks –Nick Papps Hi Nick, Each instrument produces a wide range of fundamental frequencies […]


Free Download – Novation Automap 3.3

By Robert Lindquist

Novation’s Automap v3.3 mapping software enables the company’s MIDI control surfaces to smoothly integrate with digital audio workstations (DAWs). The new version 3.3 revision takes advantage of Apple’s Logic 9 integration, enabling Novation hardware to control Logic’s native plug-ins and software instruments. Pro tools native plug-ins are also fully supported. In addition, Automap v3.3 is […]


Causes and Cures of Electric Guitar Hum

By Bruce Bartlett

You’re recording an electric guitar, and you hear a buzz or hum. Here are some causes and cures. Magnetic Hum Fields AC in a room’s power wiring generates electric and magnetic fields that oscillate at 60 Hz and its harmonics. When the magnetic lines of force cut the conductors in the guitar and its pickup, […]


Phantom Power Explained

By Bruce Bartlett

by Bruce Bartlett Most condenser microphones need phantom power to operate their internal circuitry. Let’s explain what phantom power is and how to use it. Phantom power is electrical power that is sent to a condenser mic through its mic cable. The cable must have XLR connectors to pass phantom power. Each of these devices […]

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