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Top 10 Android Apps for Musicians – Day #1

By Tim Hemingway

Day 1: Category: Recording This week, “Guitar Guy” Tim is giving Live2Play Network readers his picks for the 10 Best Android apps for musicians. If you’re just joining the series, you may want to start at the beginning by clicking here. Instead of giving you a traditional “top 10” list, I’m going to be giving […]


Recording Yourself – How To Start

By Ronny North

Being an independent recording artist, I learned early on that what works best for me is recording myself.  Like most musicians, I learned the hard way by going to recording studios to record my music only to have some engineer /producer wreck it.  Well, after a few nightmare studio sessions I decided I would do […]


Review: QSC K-Series

By Robert Lindquist

QSC K-Series powered speakers demonstrate their versatility and “K” pability. Thinking back to the winter NAMM show a year ago this past January, I recall QSC being very hush-hush about a product that was set to release that following spring. In fact, they were so secretive that they would not allow members of the press […]


EV Extends The 635 And RE50

By Robert Lindquist

Introduced at the 2015 NAB (National Association Of Broadcasters) show in Las Vegas, these new versions are designed for broadcast professionals who prefer a microphone with a longer handle in order to keep their hand out of the shot. The robust design, internal shock protection and pop filters, omnidirectional polar patterns and linear frequency response […]


Overall, the iRig Stomp is Pretty Awesome

By Tim Hemingway

If you have read any of my other IK reviews, you may have noticed one common gripe, the inability to use IK products in a live situation. Keep in mind; this is almost always touted as a feature. Well, it looks like someone at IK has heard my rants, or more likely, the rants of […]


QSC KW 152 Review, Part 2

By Robert Lindquist

Over the last month, I’ve had several opportunities to get better acquainted with the KW152s in a variety of challenging venues—so, what do I think? For my initial review, “QSC KW 152, First Time Out,” I included a video clip of our QSC KW 152 powered loudspeakers at work in a small-medium sized party room. […]


QSC KW 152 Review, First Time Out

By Robert Lindquist

The latest addition to the Live2Play audio arsenal is a pair of QSC KW152 powered speakers—we only wish this little video camera … could do a better job of letting you hear just how great they sound. So far, we’ve had these out at four gigs, the smallest being a group of thirty people in the […]


Review: Soundcraft Notepad 124FX PA Mixer

By Danny Wood

If you are like me, you are likely always on the look out for things you can do to make your performances or recordings better. Sometimes that augmentation is on a grand scale (a new guitar, anyone?); but often one can make small changes that have a big impact. One of those changes just might the […]


Recording the Electric Guitar

By Bruce Bartlett

You can record the electric guitar in many ways: With a mic in front of the guitar amp With a direct box Both miked and direct Through a signal processor or stomp box   Use whatever sounds right for the particular song you’re recording. Mike the amp when you want a rough, raw sound with […]


EV ZXA5 – Versatile and Loud

By Robert Lindquist

Electro-Voice claims that their ZXA5 powered speakers are “The Most Versatile Speakers In The World.” Upon hearing that, my first thought was, “I don’t know….. the world is pretty big.” On the other hand, I can attest with confidence that, after using a pair of ZXA5s for a variety gigs during the latter part of […]

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