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Video Review: Yamaha DSR-112

By Robert Lindquist

It’s a little known secret that our own RevBill (Evans) was once chased about and accosted by a goose, so it was probably best that I be assigned reviewing this pair of Yamaha DSR112 powered loudspeakers and their matching 118W subwoofer. Two Approaches Last year, I told you about our very positive experiences with the […]


Review: Yamaha DXR15 Powered Loudspeakers

By Robert Lindquist

by Robert Lindquist For the brainy guys in lab coats, building a loudspeaker with its own dedicated onboard amp provides the complete freedom they need to create a totally optimized product. The current state of powered loudspeakers is beyond sophisticated. What’s going on behind that back panel in terms of processing and protection is simply […]


Singing Live With Acoustic Guitar

By Riley Wilson

Getting the most out of your mic setup. One of the most straightforward forms of live performance involves singing while accompanying yourself with acoustic guitar. In fact, it’s amazing what some performers can do with this simple setup! Since many singers write their songs with guitar, it’s no surprise that great things emerge. Once you’ve […]


How To End Feedback

By Ed Frebowitz

There’s nothing that makes us cringe more than being at a club, concert venue or House-Of-Worship and experiencing earsplitting feedback.


Live Sound 101: What Is Gain Structure?

By Darth Fader

BY DARTH FADER Gain structure – yet another part of the Force that can either lift you into superstardom or kick your butt into the dark galaxy of oblivion. What is it? Why should you care? Let’s find out… The explosion of affordable PA gear that started in the ‘90s has been a double edged […]


Live Sound 101: Choosing A Mic

By Bill Evans

Sound guys wear T-shirts. Usually black ones. And they typically display a line of text that’s a variation on the phrase: “I know what all the knobs and buttons do -— and it took a long time to learn.” That knowledge was what separated sound techs from performers.


What Is A Monitor Engineer?

By Robert Lindquist

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of spending an incredible spring day in Niagara Falls, NY to getting to know Mike Babcock, Monitor Engineer for the Heavy Metal band Trivium (Orlando, FL). Mike lives on the road, traveling the country with various touring acts, making sure that what each audience hears is consistent and […]

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