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Pray For Sound To Release Everything Is Beautiful

By Robert Lindquist

Pray for Sound had its origins as a solo studio project started by Bruce Malley in late 2011. He had been diagnosed with a large destructive cyst called a cholesteatoma growing inside his left ear that inhibited his hearing. Despite doctors’ best efforts, he was left with severe hearing loss, tinnitus, and recurring pain. To […]


Stage Plots: What They Are, Why You Need One, How To Make One

By Jake Kelly

What goes where? That is the question and the stage plot is the answer. This simple picture is usually nothing more than a large rectangle that represents the stage that shows where the musicians and their gear will be located within it. Guitar and Bass amplifiers and speaker cabinets (including monitors) are typically represented with […]


When You’re The Opener

By Ronny North

I thought it’d be fun to go through what it encompasses when I open for a national act. As in life, sometimes it goes way smoother than other times. Once the gig is locked in I make sure that we get the load in time, load in details and sound check time from the promoter. […]


Four- Scream Halloween

By Richard Gilewitz

In honor of the season, I dug up an old article I wrote for Mel Bay Publications’ Guitar Sessions. With their permission I present: Four-Scream Halloween, a look at the traveling musician. Happy screaming. 4scream_fullstory


A Capo Conversation

By Richard Gilewitz

Never in a million years could I have guessed that the day would come when I would be in a playfully heated discussion defending the validity and purposes for the existence of a Ukulele capo while on the way to Liverpool, England, home of my idols ,The Beatles. While on the road with Mark Pugh, […]


And, My Guitar’s Name Is…

By Richard Gilewitz

The thought about naming one of my guitars has honestly never crossed my mind. Don’t get me wrong; it’s nothing against those who do. Whether it’s your favorite car, instrument, computer or plant, if that’s your thing, knock yourself out. However, this naming thing may change for me because of a recent experience I had […]


My Home on the Road – Touring Musician

By Scott Woodward

Most of my year is spent staying in casino hotels and doing my lounge gig with a country-rock band, The Voodoo Cowboys. I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and after a while they all start to look the same. Sure, some are nicer than others, but all in all, it’s still a […]


Review: QSC K-Series

By Robert Lindquist

QSC K-Series powered speakers demonstrate their versatility and “K” pability. Thinking back to the winter NAMM show a year ago this past January, I recall QSC being very hush-hush about a product that was set to release that following spring. In fact, they were so secretive that they would not allow members of the press […]


Music Around the World: Salt Lake City & Rock Springs

By Richard Gilewitz

From Germany to New Zealand to the USA. How’s that for picking up some air miles and extra peanuts? Upon my return from touring the beautiful land of New Zealand, I flew to Salt Lake City to join my Nashville friends, “Plaidgrass”. We then drove to Rock Springs, Wyoming to perform at International Day, a […]


Universal Language

By Richard Gilewitz

Is language truly a barrier? For the zillionth time in a row – musically speaking – I say a resounding NO. I recently found myself in yet another situation where I was confronted with not only a classroom of youngsters who spoke little English, but also an entire day of teaching one of my guitar […]