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Adele, Grammys and Vocal Damage

By Waldo Watts

BY ANDREA BENSMILLER If you thought Adele’s Grammy performance, besides the obvious pitch problems (whether caused by bad sound or not), felt strained, pushed, tense, not quite so fluid…it was. People have probably forgotten by now that in 2012 Adele, after damaging her voice on a French radio show, was diagnosed with polyps on her […]


Four- Scream Halloween

By Richard Gilewitz

In honor of the season, I dug up an old article I wrote for Mel Bay Publications’ Guitar Sessions. With their permission I present: Four-Scream Halloween, a look at the traveling musician. Happy screaming. 4scream_fullstory


Tips for Recording Acoustic Guitar

By Darth Fader

Recording the acoustic guitar can be a bit difficult until you know a few tried and true techniques. Live2Play is here to help. By Darth Fader for the Live2Play Network Guitar aficionados know that the body of a guitar acts as an amplifier for the strings, and that guitar tone is affected by size, shape, […]


THE SOLO GIGGER- Doubles, Anyone?

By Riley Wilson

It’s summertime and the gigging is easy. Well, maybe not every day or week, but if you’re developing your show and getting some recognition, you might be able to book two or more shows in a single day. I have booked four such doubles gigs this year, and hope to do a few more before […]


Enjoy the moment and the rest will follow

By Eve Buigues

Too often we practice self-evaluating instead of focusing on singing. We choose to listen to ourselves in order to decide whether we are good enough, and that does us no good. We get discouraged. What we must understand is that there is a time for everything. When we practice scales and excercises it’s as good a […]


Artist Spotlight: Black Bottom Lighters

By Linda Evans

Reggae In The Desert By Linda Evans When I go to music festivals I make it a habit of getting there early so I can catch the opening acts because, lets’ face it, even though the headliners are the big draws, it’s those bands in those early slots that are often the most interesting. They […]


Can You Have Too Many Guitars?

By Ronny North

As guitar players, as you start to acquire a few instruments, someone inevitably always asks how many guitars do you really need ( it’s more often than not a girlfriend or wife).  Definitely a subjective thing, for sure…


How to Make People Hate Live Music More Than They Already Do…

By Pat Neville

I’ve noticed a trend appearing around my city recently. The bar/venue who wants to have live bands and live music, but doesn’t want to spend the money to hire a sound person or buy even a remotely decent PA system. But by all means! Come play here! All night! Don’t like our setup? Then bring […]


A Capo Conversation

By Richard Gilewitz

Never in a million years could I have guessed that the day would come when I would be in a playfully heated discussion defending the validity and purposes for the existence of a Ukulele capo while on the way to Liverpool, England, home of my idols ,The Beatles. While on the road with Mark Pugh, […]


And, My Guitar’s Name Is…

By Richard Gilewitz

The thought about naming one of my guitars has honestly never crossed my mind. Don’t get me wrong; it’s nothing against those who do. Whether it’s your favorite car, instrument, computer or plant, if that’s your thing, knock yourself out. However, this naming thing may change for me because of a recent experience I had […]

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