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Review: Tech 21 Bass Boost Fuzz

By Scott Woodward

This time around we will be talking about Tech 21’s Bass Boost Fuzz. Again I’m taking a huge amount of razing from the guys in my band about using a fuzz pedal. Most people think you’re the bass player you don’t need any pedals you just plug into your amp and go. For a lot […]


Review: Behringer Eurodesk SX4882

By Waldo Watts

Hello. It’s Tom Chianti again. We haven’t seen each other since I scootered my way thru last year’s AES convention in NY. It was a fun and fruitful day. Looking at all of the digital opulence started me thinking that it’s time to go back to the future. To be that retro-renegade guy. So I […]


Review: Behringer B615D Powered Loudspeakers

By Robert Lindquist

Go to the Behringer Website and click on loudspeakers>portable. I think you’ll agree that the choices are, at first, quite overwhelming. The Eurolive series alone offers everything from 300-Watt 2-Ways with 8” LF drivers to 2200-watt cabinets with dual 15” woofers. In the mix you’ll find something for almost every application, with features such as […]

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