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Fingerstyle Fingers

By Richard Gilewitz

Recently during my flight across the pond from Florida to the UK for the London Guitar Show, I found myself thinking about what happens when musicians get together. Will there be the usual conversations about new projects in the midst? Are you still playing with so and so or where have you been playing? How’s […]


Amplitube on Android – iRig UA Review

By Tim Hemingway

Finally, someone has done it!  Quality digital effects are now available to the most popular (and significantly superior imho) mobile OS in the world.  That’s right, IK Multimedia has brought their extremely popular amp/effect modeling software Amplitube to Android.  As you can probably already tell, being an Android fanboy, I couldn’t be happier.  So now […]


Walkthrough: StudioLive RM16AI/RM36AI From PreSonus

By Edward Frebowitz

There’s no questioning that sound engineers really like gear, and that advancing technology prompts audio manufacturers to feed that addiction. There was a time when bragging rights came with owning racks of processing. Today, however, it’s all about leveraging technology so we can achieve more by doing less. With a small footprint, unparalleled processing power […]


Flare Audio Universal Fit IEMs

By Bill Evans

I have been a pretty tireless advocate of getting musicians on in-ear systems for monitoring for a really long time.  And I run up against the same three objections all the time.   1) Isolation. This is actually a FEATURE of custom in-ears but some people don’t like it 2) Hate the feeling of something […]


Review: QSC K-Series

By Robert Lindquist

QSC K-Series powered speakers demonstrate their versatility and “K” pability. Thinking back to the winter NAMM show a year ago this past January, I recall QSC being very hush-hush about a product that was set to release that following spring. In fact, they were so secretive that they would not allow members of the press […]


Overall, the iRig Stomp is Pretty Awesome

By Tim Hemingway

If you have read any of my other IK reviews, you may have noticed one common gripe, the inability to use IK products in a live situation. Keep in mind; this is almost always touted as a feature. Well, it looks like someone at IK has heard my rants, or more likely, the rants of […]


QSC KW 152 Review, Part 2

By Robert Lindquist

Over the last month, I’ve had several opportunities to get better acquainted with the KW152s in a variety of challenging venues—so, what do I think? For my initial review, “QSC KW 152, First Time Out,” I included a video clip of our QSC KW 152 powered loudspeakers at work in a small-medium sized party room. […]


QSC KW 152 Review, First Time Out

By Robert Lindquist

The latest addition to the Live2Play audio arsenal is a pair of QSC KW152 powered speakers—we only wish this little video camera … could do a better job of letting you hear just how great they sound. So far, we’ve had these out at four gigs, the smallest being a group of thirty people in the […]


Review: Soundcraft Notepad 124FX PA Mixer

By Danny Wood

If you are like me, you are likely always on the look out for things you can do to make your performances or recordings better. Sometimes that augmentation is on a grand scale (a new guitar, anyone?); but often one can make small changes that have a big impact. One of those changes just might the […]


On The Road: CV PSeries Loudspeakers

By Robert Lindquist

While most of our On The Road reviews take place at DJ events or live band performances, once in awhile an opportunity comes along to do something completely different. When this happens, the outcome is uncertain. Case in point, when a local promoter calls needing a sound system for a 25,000 square foot arena and […]

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