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How To End Feedback

By Ed Frebowitz

There’s nothing that makes us cringe more than being at a club, concert venue or House-Of-Worship and experiencing earsplitting feedback.


New@NAMM: Waves Butch Vig Vocals and H-Reverb

By Waldo Watts

Among the most influential rock producers of recent decades, Butch Vig has directly shaped the sound of modern rock. From Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins to Foo Fighters and his own band Garbage, Vig has contributed his signature sound to some of the most legendary albums from the grunge era to the present. The defining element […]


New@NAMM: Audio-Technica System 10 PRO

By Bill Evans

Like all System 10 models, the System 10 PRO Rack-Mount operates in the 2.4 GHz range, keeping it free not only from TV interference but also from the uncertain regulatory future facing the TV bands. Its durable rack-mount chassis houses one or two receiver units that can be operated locally within the chassis or be […]


DIY Monitor Stands

By Tim Hemingway

Monitor stands are one of those necessary evils in the studio.  They’re probably the boringest thing in the world to buy, but if you don’t have a good, solid stand for your monitors, you’ll have excessive vibration that will color your sound.


Nostalgia’s Role In Music

By Tim Hemingway

Nostalgia is a funny thing.  It’s what keeps acts like The Rolling Stones selling out shows worldwide, and on a less fortunate end of the spectrum, keeps Axl Rose employed.


How To: Master Your Albums Or Demo

By Bruce Bartlett

Mastering is the last creative step in your album project before you burn the final CD used for duplication. After recording mixes of your songs on your computer’s hard drive, you’ll put together a CD album or demo of those mixes. Here are some ways to do that. What’s involved in mastering? You edit out […]

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