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Sequencing Options Part 2

By Riley Wilson

Back in  the dark ages when one had to actually book time in a studio to make a real recording, there was a “joke” that said, “you aren’t a real engineer until you’ve erased at least one mastered recording.” In 1991, I was sequencing a completed drum part with an Alesis HR-16 drum machine. “Love, […]


Heil Sound Celebrates 50 Years

By Waldo Watts

Heil Sound is marking 2016 as “50 Years of Maximum Rock & Roll.” The yearlong celebration will kick off at the Winter NAMM show in January. A commemorative podcast series of interviews with company founder Bob Heil is also scheduled to debut in January. This series will highlight the history of Heil Sound as well […]


Sequencing Options – The Solo Gigger

By Riley Wilson

A while back, I did a column on learning new material. This month, let’s tackle sequencing a new song. This can be as simple as programming a drum rhythm to creating a full blown, multi part sequenced performance.


Rap – The Solo Gigger

By Riley Wilson

I am not a fan of rap. However, we should discuss what happens onstage when you aren’t playing. Onstage patter, rap, talking to the audience, or any other name you wish to call it- it’s important.


7 Minutes With Intergalactix

By Robert Lindquist

  Multi-instrumentalist production duo Intergalactix features the talents of longtime friends & collaborators Kristian Attard and Serg Dimitrijevic. Originally from Sidney, Australia, the two collided in Los Angeles in 2013. Their new double-sided EP “S.T.S – R.N.D” is (according to the press releases) “a rich melodic electro-indie record that propels the listener deep into otherworldly […]


The “A” Word – The Solo Gigger

By Riley Wilson

Let’s discuss the one thing that will guarantee your success or failure. One word that makes the difference in being happy or miserable throughout your life. That word is Attitude. How’s yours today? If it’s not as chipper as you’d like, read on.


Tips for Recording Acoustic Guitar

By Darth Fader

Recording the acoustic guitar can be a bit difficult until you know a few tried and true techniques. Live2Play is here to help. By Darth Fader for the Live2Play Network Guitar aficionados know that the body of a guitar acts as an amplifier for the strings, and that guitar tone is affected by size, shape, […]


New GearCast Episode – Jim Crockett Interview

By Tim Hemingway

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Jim Crockett, the former Editor and President of Guitar Player magazine.  Jim has recently release a memoir of his time at Guitar Play entitled Guitar Player: The Inside Story of the First Two Decades of the Most Successful Guitar Magazine Ever.


THE SOLO GIGGER- Doubles, Anyone?

By Riley Wilson

It’s summertime and the gigging is easy. Well, maybe not every day or week, but if you’re developing your show and getting some recognition, you might be able to book two or more shows in a single day. I have booked four such doubles gigs this year, and hope to do a few more before […]


Amplitube on Android – iRig UA Review

By Tim Hemingway

Finally, someone has done it!  Quality digital effects are now available to the most popular (and significantly superior imho) mobile OS in the world.  That’s right, IK Multimedia has brought their extremely popular amp/effect modeling software Amplitube to Android.  As you can probably already tell, being an Android fanboy, I couldn’t be happier.  So now […]

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