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Digital Consoles Reimagine Small to Mid Format Mixer Segment

By Robert Lindquist

Yamaha has introduced the new  digital consoles that represent quite a rethink in how we mix a live performance. The TF series (which stands for TouchFlow Operation™) comprises three compact, performance-packed digital mixing consoles, the TF5, TF3 and TF1, which feature 33, 25, or 17 motor faders, respectively, along with 32, 24, or 16 rear-panel […]


Review: QSC K-Series

By Robert Lindquist

QSC K-Series powered speakers demonstrate their versatility and “K” pability. Thinking back to the winter NAMM show a year ago this past January, I recall QSC being very hush-hush about a product that was set to release that following spring. In fact, they were so secretive that they would not allow members of the press […]


QSC KW 152 Review, Part 2

By Robert Lindquist

Over the last month, I’ve had several opportunities to get better acquainted with the KW152s in a variety of challenging venues—so, what do I think? For my initial review, “QSC KW 152, First Time Out,” I included a video clip of our QSC KW 152 powered loudspeakers at work in a small-medium sized party room. […]


QSC KW 152 Review, First Time Out

By Robert Lindquist

The latest addition to the Live2Play audio arsenal is a pair of QSC KW152 powered speakers—we only wish this little video camera … could do a better job of letting you hear just how great they sound. So far, we’ve had these out at four gigs, the smallest being a group of thirty people in the […]


EV ZXA5 – Versatile and Loud

By Robert Lindquist

Electro-Voice claims that their ZXA5 powered speakers are “The Most Versatile Speakers In The World.” Upon hearing that, my first thought was, “I don’t know….. the world is pretty big.” On the other hand, I can attest with confidence that, after using a pair of ZXA5s for a variety gigs during the latter part of […]


Chicago Releases New Album Track-By-Track

By Robert Lindquist

After 100 million records sold, 47 gold and platinum awards and the first American rock band to chart Top 40 albums in six decades, Chicago continues to make history with a new recording process geared towards the music business of today and the logistical realities of a touring band. Chicago has built a new recording […]


New Way Of Helping Artists Get Paid

By Robert Lindquist

When artists are unable to sustain themselves by making music, they typically have to take a day job—and that takes them away from creating music. Now, Pizicato is changing the way fans interact, connect, and (most importantly) support their favorite bands and performers. Pizacato is an online donation platform. Through, fans can send electronic […]


Review: Yamaha DXR15 Powered Loudspeakers

By Robert Lindquist

by Robert Lindquist For the brainy guys in lab coats, building a loudspeaker with its own dedicated onboard amp provides the complete freedom they need to create a totally optimized product. The current state of powered loudspeakers is beyond sophisticated. What’s going on behind that back panel in terms of processing and protection is simply […]

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