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The Importance of Tunnel Vision

By Riley Wilson

When I was in grade school, we lived in Lexington, KY. Beautiful country and thanks to the proliferation of race horses, “(horse) flies as big as Buicks,” to quote Emmylou Harris. I remember first going to Keeneland, the quarter horse track in Lexington when I was about nine years old. It was exciting to see […]


The Solo Gigger – Continuing Education

By Riley Wilson

What’s the name of the last book you read? Some of you will have an immediate response and may even recite the author and title. Others may not know or care and doubtless some of you will admit that “I never read books.” The topic of perpetual education may appear to be an odd one […]


The Money Question

By Riley Wilson

We’ve discussed money in bits and pieces during the course of this blog for almost two years. In this installment, we need to get specific so you can earn money while you perform and enjoy the process.


The Ever Changing Business Model

By Riley Wilson

One of my guitar students and his father came to see me at a restaurant gig a couple weeks ago. He’s a successful businessman and I asked him casually, “ how often does your business model change?” He answered, “weekly!” After confiding that mine has changed several times since moving to Texas, we discussed trends […]


Gigmasters and Gig Salad

By Riley Wilson

I moved to Los Angeles in March 1983 to attend the Guitar Institute of Technology, or GIT. It was a wonderful experience and I enthusiastically recommend it to musicians who are serious about their craft. Pay To Play had become order of the day for many hot clubs in town, and the idea was simple—you […]


Learning Tunes

By Riley Wilson

Unless you perform in a tribute band of artists no longer recording, chances are you’ll need to add new material from time to time. I remember meeting a piano player/vocalist when I first moved to Dallas in 1996. He had been the house pianist at a major hotel downtown for many years and I asked […]


Problem Gigs

By Riley Wilson

By now, I trust your solo or duo act is clicking right along, according to your business plan. “What’s that- you DON”T have a business plan?” Then I strongly suggest you go back to my first installment and read up on the past 18 months or so of the Solo Gigger. Then, you’ll be better […]

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