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The Solo Gigger – The Paperwork

By Riley Wilson

I am in the process of finalizing my tax returns. I need a break so it feels right to write about it. The old joke “the job’s not done- until the paperwork is finished”- is sadly appropriate here. Without getting into the ramifications of a simpler tax code during an election year, paperwork is a […]


When You’re The Opener

By Ronny North

I thought it’d be fun to go through what it encompasses when I open for a national act. As in life, sometimes it goes way smoother than other times. Once the gig is locked in I make sure that we get the load in time, load in details and sound check time from the promoter. […]


Fun With Pedals

By Ronny North

It all started when I was 14 and I got my first guitar rig. I had my Les Paul copy and a little combo amp. I thought I was ready to rock until a friend sold me his Big Muff fuzz box. Once I had that in my signal chain I could make my little […]


Rockn Stompn RS-4 PLUS Sequencing Power Strip

By Bill Evans

The order in which audio gear gets turned on matters. Those of you with a bit of experience know this already but still, sometimes we forget. Or we get involved with something else that takes up mental bandwidth and the next thing we know, we have sent a speaker-shattering transient through the PA. It is […]


Sequencing Options Part 2

By Riley Wilson

Back in  the dark ages when one had to actually book time in a studio to make a real recording, there was a “joke” that said, “you aren’t a real engineer until you’ve erased at least one mastered recording.” In 1991, I was sequencing a completed drum part with an Alesis HR-16 drum machine. “Love, […]


Adele, Grammys and Vocal Damage

By Waldo Watts

BY ANDREA BENSMILLER If you thought Adele’s Grammy performance, besides the obvious pitch problems (whether caused by bad sound or not), felt strained, pushed, tense, not quite so fluid…it was. People have probably forgotten by now that in 2012 Adele, after damaging her voice on a French radio show, was diagnosed with polyps on her […]


Harbinger L2404FX-USB – Hands On Review

By Tim Hemingway

Prior to this review, my only experience with Harbinger was seeing their PAs at my local Guitar Center.  I’m always interested in testing out products from new brands to see what’s available, so when the Harbinger L2404FX-USB 24-Channel Mixer came up for review, I jumped at the opportunity.


Sequencing Options – The Solo Gigger

By Riley Wilson

A while back, I did a column on learning new material. This month, let’s tackle sequencing a new song. This can be as simple as programming a drum rhythm to creating a full blown, multi part sequenced performance.


“Sounds Like” I May Have a Problem…

By Richard Gilewitz

No, not that kind of a problem – an actual sound problem. As in sound system. October 2015 was rolling up fast as I prepared to embark on a tour of the UK and Germany. One particular venue on the schedule did not have a sound system. Since I travel lighter than ever these days […]


Review: Shure QLX-D Wireless Mics

By Robert Lindquist

My life would have been better if Shure had never even sent me these microphones. I was quite content with the mics I have been using. Was it really necessary for them to tease me with these wireless wonders and then send a big brown truck, armed with call tags, to pry them from my […]

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