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You can sound Good or you can sound Unique

By Tim Hemingway

Over the past 6 months, I have really gotten into listening to podcasts on my commute. It’s probably no surprise that my preferred podcasts are gear-centric.  I have found that there’s no better way to start or end my day than to listen to a couple of guys talk about guitars, music, and recording.


Epiphone’s New Masterbilt Century Collection

By Robert Lindquist

The Masterbilt Century Collection of archtop “acoustic/electric” guitars is designed to be played and amplified as true acoustic instruments. Epiphone’s original Masterbilt archtops from the 1930s were renowned for their wide tonal range, punchy volume and warm, woody tone. Following the invention of the electric guitar pickup, most archtop acoustic guitars were transformed into “electric” […]


Beat the Buzz: How To Shield Your Bass pickups

By Scott Woodward

BY SCOTT WOODWARD Well this is an area I’m not too familiar with but–par for the course–that didn’t stop me from just diving in. Let me start from the beginning… I bought a very inexpensive Fender Squire 5 string bass. Now, this bass costs around two hundred dollars. I got it to use as a spare […]


Always Be Humble…humility goes a long way

By Bill Evans

BY PAUL MILLS Always Be Humble…humility goes a long way The teenaged cashier saw a guitar pick mixed in with the coins as I was paying for groceries at Smiths and asked me if I was a musician. I said yes, hoping that would be the end of it. But then he asked how I […]


Generation Axe

By Ronny North

Recently,  I was fortunate enough to attend the Generation Axe show at the Wiltern Theater. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the show it was put together by Steve Vai. The line up was Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt , Zakk Wylde , Yngwie Malmsteen and Tosin Abasi. Well normally this much guitar on a […]


Top 8 Ways to Record Your Gig

By Bill Evans

While editing Riley Wilson’s latest Solo Gigger blog on recording gig–less as a way to promote yourself and more as a way to improve your act–I started to insert a bunch of examples of hardware and software tools and then stopped, realizing that this really called for its own, stand-alone post. So, here ya go… […]



By Riley Wilson

By Riley Wilson This month, let’s discuss specific gigs. In particular- your last gig. How’d ya do? I realize this is lousy English, but bear with me. Did you sound and play amazing? Did you connect with your audience? Did you get any tips or hand out lots of business cards? These are important questions […]


NY Tax Credit = More Music, More Jobs

By Robert Lindquist

In New York State, the Excelsior Jobs Program was created to provide tax credits for strategic high tech, bio-tech, clean-tech and manufacturing businesses—and last year, the legislature added “music production firms” as an eligible industry. While the addition recognized the strategic importance of the music industry in creating high-quality jobs, Excelsior was not built to […]


Prince, the Revolutionist

By Andrea Bensmiller

How Prince Changed the Music Industry Forever Like all Prince fans, I was thrown that Thursday into a giant basket of sorrow. The memories flooded me. I couldn’t find my iPod fast enough, and I spent the bulk of two days shirking all other responsibilities to watch the non-stop tributes to his life on TV. […]


ROAD TEST GEAR REVIEW: Shure PSM 300 In-Ear Monitor System

By Bill Evans

By Rev. Bill If you have been waiting to switch over to an in-ear-monitoring system because either A) the systems available were complicated and difficult to set up and run for the musician who knows how to set up a basic PA but not much else about audio or B) they were just too expensive, […]

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