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The Wild Horses of Wyoming

By Richard Gilewitz

I can’t recall how many times I’ve said in a multitude of different ways, from every angle possible, how grateful I am to have the job – if I can call it that – playing and teaching guitar around the world. Don’t get me wrong. There are definitely those rough days. A challenging airline flight, […]


The Power of Musical Notes

By Richard Gilewitz

Within a number of articles I’ve written for various publications, the theme has always been along the lines of a new musical product on the market, an amusing road story, or some sort of unique or prestigious event. The triggers for many of my touring escapades have been generally based on a past experience of […]


Universal Language

By Richard Gilewitz

Is language truly a barrier? For the zillionth time in a row – musically speaking – I say a resounding NO. I recently found myself in yet another situation where I was confronted with not only a classroom of youngsters who spoke little English, but also an entire day of teaching one of my guitar […]


I Have It Somewhere

By Richard Gilewitz

This has to be the most common comment I hear from students whether during a one-on-one lesson, guitar camp or Skype session. What are they referring to? It is something that often exists only within their imagination and not in their home, vicinity or guitar case. Their metronome. The excuse line is always, “Well, I […]


Please Kill My Drummer

By Bill Evans

A session drummer in the Dallas area picked this off Craigslist and it got circulated among some of his friends. We thought you might enjoy it… Come on, every band leader has thought it at least once or twice. And maybe it’s not your drummer—I have had some singers who fit this profile way too […]

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