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10 Questions to Ask Yourself While Mixing

By brubart

When you mix a song, you might find it helpful to ask some questions about what you’re hearing. The questions can keep you focused, and they make sure that you’re not overlooking anything. Here are a few things to ask yourself as you’re mixing. Can I hear everything? This is the most important question. Seems […]



By brubart

 Clean sound. That’s one of the marks of a professional recording, or professional sound reinforcement. “Clean” means free of noise and distortion. Getting that sound is a result of correct gain staging. Gain staging (or gain structure) is the process of setting the gain optimally in each stage of a recording system or reinforcement system. […]


Recording the Electric Guitar

By Bruce Bartlett

You can record the electric guitar in many ways: With a mic in front of the guitar amp With a direct box Both miked and direct Through a signal processor or stomp box   Use whatever sounds right for the particular song you’re recording. Mike the amp when you want a rough, raw sound with […]


Video Review: Yamaha DSR-112

By Robert Lindquist

It’s a little known secret that our own RevBill (Evans) was once chased about and accosted by a goose, so it was probably best that I be assigned reviewing this pair of Yamaha DSR112 powered loudspeakers and their matching 118W subwoofer. Two Approaches Last year, I told you about our very positive experiences with the […]


Recording a Piano

By Bruce Bartlett

by Bruce Bartlett Recording a Grand Piano This magnificent instrument is a challenge to record well. First have the piano tuned, and oil the pedals to reduce squeaks. You can prevent thumps by stuffing some foam or cloth under the pedal mechanism. One popular method uses two spaced mics inside the piano. Use omni or […]


The Recording Coach: EQ & Vocal Effects

By Bruce Bartlett

by Bruce Bartlett EQ QUESTION Hey Bruce, how have you been? I have a quick question: When separating instruments in the mix, does it sound better to have them slightly overlap or make sure that the frequency ranges are separated completely? Thanks –Nick Papps Hi Nick, Each instrument produces a wide range of fundamental frequencies […]


Causes and Cures of Electric Guitar Hum

By Bruce Bartlett

You’re recording an electric guitar, and you hear a buzz or hum. Here are some causes and cures. Magnetic Hum Fields AC in a room’s power wiring generates electric and magnetic fields that oscillate at 60 Hz and its harmonics. When the magnetic lines of force cut the conductors in the guitar and its pickup, […]


Phantom Power Explained

By Bruce Bartlett

by Bruce Bartlett Most condenser microphones need phantom power to operate their internal circuitry. Let’s explain what phantom power is and how to use it. Phantom power is electrical power that is sent to a condenser mic through its mic cable. The cable must have XLR connectors to pass phantom power. Each of these devices […]


Preventing Clipping In Recording And Mixdown

By Bruce Bartlett

by Bruce Bartlett (1) When I record myself or our band, I’m clipping the waveform even though I’m not exceeding 0 dB at the top of the level meter. What’s going on? Reply: Make sure to set your record meters and playback meters to read peak levels, not RMS levels. The peak levels show how […]


Preventing Wireless Mic Dropouts

By Bruce Bartlett

by Bruce Bartlett Chffffft! That’s the sound of a wireless mic dropout. The microphone makes a burst of noise or cuts out. That happens because the mic’s radio signal was lost, either by a weak transmitted signal, a weak received signal, or interference with other radio waves. Fortunately, there are many things you can do […]

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