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Worship MD Debuts “Advanced Audio Seminar”

By Robert Lindquist

When we go to a concert, we expect the audio, lighting and visuals to be over the top. If the sound is anything less than punchy and precise, we’re apt to be disappointed. Fortunately, the engineers handling the sound for major touring artists know exactly how to get the “suck” out of the system so […]


The Ampeg V4B Can’t Be Killed

By Scott Woodward

BY SCOTT WOODWARD Anyone who knows me knows I love this amp! I baby it I put a t-shirt over it and it rides in my SUV and not in the trailer for gigs. I baby this amp more than my basses. So, I accept a sub gig with a band I have played with […]


Mackie ProDX8 — A 6-Pack To Go

By Robert Lindquist

Over the past few years, I’ve used and reviewed several digital mixers—often times learning them on-the-fly while working with live bands. While I don’t profess to have earned my digital black belt, I have enjoyed learning the kicks. At the moment, my go-to for most events is a PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2AI. I have other favorites […]


Steve Vai’s 25 Years of Passion and Warfare

By Ronny North

by Ronny North I remember when I first got my copy of Steve Vai’s Passion and Warfare CD in 1991. Already a long time Steve Vai fan, I was totally blown away by the music, the innovative production and of course Steve’s mind-blowing musicianship.In my opinion it forged a whole new path in the instrumental […]


IK Multimedia Introduces iLoud Micro Monitors

By Tim Hemingway

Get high-end sound without the high-end price We are pleased to announce that iLoud Micro Monitor, the ultra-compact best sounding monitors for small studios, is now shipping and available from select IK resellers worldwide and the IK online store for only $/€299.99 per pair.


PreSonus Debuts StudioLive AR USB Hybrid Mixers

By Robert Lindquist

PreSonus says its StudioLive® AR USB-series hybrid mixers are lightweight, versatile, and feature-rich, “musician’s mixers,” packed with analog connections and digital tools for live performance and studio use. The series includes three models: the 18-channel StudioLive AR16 USB, 14-channel StudioLive AR12 USB, and 8-channel StudioLive AR8 USB. The StudioLive AR USB mixers are equipped with […]


The Solo Gigger: Movin’ Out (?)

By Bill Evans

by Riley Wilson One of the critical factors for successful solo musicians is to live in an area with sufficient work. Because some areas of the country or world change over time, moving can become a necessity. I have done this many times in my life for personal and professional reasons and the results have […]


Stage Plots: What They Are, Why You Need One, How To Make One

By Jake Kelly

What goes where? That is the question and the stage plot is the answer. This simple picture is usually nothing more than a large rectangle that represents the stage that shows where the musicians and their gear will be located within it. Guitar and Bass amplifiers and speaker cabinets (including monitors) are typically represented with […]


Planet Guitar: Doing the Charity Thing

By Ronny North

BY RONNY NORTH Every year I try to do as many charity events as I reasonably can in my schedule. I firmly believe that it’s a great thing to be able to help great causes with your music if you can. Some of the charities I have been playing for I’ve been doing for more […]

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