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How Did They Make It? Meghan Trainor

By Bill Evans

You don’t have to be skinny to have a hit… BY: Lisa Popeil   Pop singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor scored her first hit at the age of 20 with “All About That Bass”. Born in Massachusetts in 1993, Trainor began making music when she was 7 and wrote her first song at 11.  Not […]


Pub Prop

By Richard Gilewitz

It seems that nearly every time I show up for a performance anywhere in the world I wind up kicking myself as I walk towards the stage and mumble under my brain, which usually comes out of my mouth, “I wonder if they have guitar stands here?”   It’s always been my own fault as […]


Christmas Again

By Jamie Rio

Well my friends, we are here again. It’s December and Jesus Christ’s birthday is just around the corner. I know we usually don’t think of Christmas as a birthday party but every year the entire world celebrates the birth of the Christ (the savior of mankind for some of us). Some of you (possibly many […]


Is Your Music Making You Dumb?

By themingway

There are no dumb questions, just dumb people… That’s how the saying goes, right? I’m constantly researching music data, music interests, music trends, etc. on the internet.  My interest in music research started several years ago when I wrote my graduate thesis on the psychological motivation behind playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  Long story short, the #1 […]


Tech 21 Bass Boost Fuzz Review

By Scott Woodward

This time around we will be talking about Tech 21’s Bass Boost Fuzz. Again I’m taking a huge amount of razing from the guys in my band about using a fuzz pedal. Most people think you’re the bass player you don’t need any pedals you just plug into your amp and go.


Solo Gigger: Problem Gigs

By rileywilson

By now, I trust your solo or duo act is clicking right along, according to your business plan. “What’s that- you DON”T have a business plan?” Then I strongly suggest you go back to my first installment and read up on the past 18 months or so of the Solo Gigger. Then, you’ll be better […]


How Did Taylor Swift Make It?

By lisapopeil

Taylor Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and spent her early years on a Christmas tree farm.  Her father is a a financial adviser with the brokerage firm Merrill Lynch.  At the age of 9, Swift became interested in musical theater, performed in school productions and traveled to New York for vocal and acting lessons. […]


But What Am I Listening For?

By Bruce Bartlett

A major emphasis in training new sound tech recruits is getting them to use their ears. Too listen and design the sound around what they hear. After all, the one who is at the board in the booth is the one responsible for what the entire congregations hears, and how it sounds. But it’s one […]


The World Stage

By Richard Gilewitz

I believe I’ve found the cure to jet lag.  It’s actually rather simple.  First you acclimate by flying from Florida to Wyoming and back.  That’s just the warm up.  Follow that with a flight to both islands in New Zealand, continue west to Australia, return to Florida, take one day off and then spend an […]


THE SOLO GIGGER- Booking Agents #2

By rileywilson

Last month, we covered booking agents, what they do and how to attract a local one to help secure more gigs. Let’s examine a couple national sites that do the same thing- Gigmasters and Gig Salad.     I moved to Los Angeles in March 1983 to attend the Guitar Institute of Technology, or GIT. It […]

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