QSC K Series - Prepare to Be Blown Away

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    When we got our hands on QSC's K Series loudspeakers, we felt like we needed to really showcase how great this line is. Throughout the summer, we’ll be featuring the K10 and K12 in lots of different performance scenarios - mostly being used by working musicians in all kinds of gigging situations.

    But first - we thought you’d want to hear what a professional sound guy thinks. So we asked Dave Tennant of HAS Productions in Las Vegas to take the K10s for a spin. Because this guy hears a lot of speakers. Of all kinds. ??So, our first video will give our users a full rundown of the features and an overview of how they sound as a PA. Just a warning - you’re going to be shocked - this small speaker delivers a LOT of sound and a lot of LOWS. ??So, relax and enjoy. And stay tuned to our feeds for further featured videos that show the K series in action on real life gigs with real musicians just like you.


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