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The Live 2 Play Network scoures the halls of NAMM to find the best gear 2014 has to offer.

This has to be the most common comment I hear from students whether during a one-on-one lesson, guitar camp or Skype session. 

What It Is and How It Changes.

The trials and tribulations of recent travel, and a new federal law that governs flying with your instrument.

There are times when it's just best that the artist describes what he, she, or they are all about on their own. You know, let them speak for themselves as we sometimes say.

Yes, you can fly with your guitar.

I think most of us can appreciate good music.  However, couple good music with a “story” and you have a sure winner.

A wave is a wave is a wave. (Except when it is a particle, or a “wave-icle” but that is way more quantum than we want to get here.) They react the same regardless of if the energy is sound or light or the motion of water.

The first time Luke Skywalker was captured he still had an iPhone 4S hidden in his boot — enabling him to make audio recordings of his captors and upload them to the NME.

Have you ever sent your mixes to a good mastering engineer, but were disappointed in the sound of those mixes after mastering?