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Sometimes it's important to step back and remember why it is you do what you do.

How many times have you been drawn to a booth at a convention anywhere on the planet?

Once you've landed the gig, lets consider how to plan for the initial show.

 Like most musicians, I don’t have near the the budget I’d like to cover my “want’s list”.  

The Wondrous Joys of the Online Band Competition

Is language truly a barrier?  For the zillionth time in a row - musically speaking -  I say a resounding NO. 

"Progressive folk” and “high energy” were once at the opposite ends of the musical spectrum....

What you need now is a semi regular gig where you can do a little experimentation to fine tune what works and toss what doesn't.


Rarely, if ever, have I seen much media coverage on what happens after the show.