If you're not part of the solution...

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    How was your weekend?  Here's a quick synopsis of mine:


    So, If someone said to me, "Jake, if you drive to Temecula (100 miles from my humble abode)  I'll give you twenty-five bucks."??My response would be, "Uh, no thanks."??But if you ask, "Jake, If you'll pack up your gear, drive to Temecula, load in and set up your gear, sit and wait a couple of hours for a sporting event that is being shown on a big screen to end, then play for a set for people who couldn't care less, break down and load up your gear, and I'll give you twenty-five dollars the next time I see you."??Apparently, I'll say, "Great, I'll be there."??As a plus, gas is $4.27 a gallon out here.  So, the 25 MPG of my car…well, I won’t insult anybody by doing the math here.

    Hey, at least there were 2 free beers per band member in the deal.  I once played a bar where they wanted the band to pay…for soda!

    By now most of you have read the facebook post that one musician posted in response to a restaurateur’s ad in craigslist seeking musicians to play at his joint (for modest pay).  Basically, the ad stated the restaurant would be a great place to promote your music, and what kind of music would fit in best…and you should bring in all your fans, friends and family.

    The musician’s response was an ad in reverse:   Musician looking for a restaurateur to come prepare food at his house (for modest pay), which would be a great way to promote his cooking and service flair, oh, and bring some people who will be willing to pay a $10 cover at the door.

    There is an expanded version of the scenario and explanation of the venue v. musician that is worthy of everyone’s (musicians, restaurant owner, and patrons alike) read: An Open Letter

    I’m well aware that this weekend I was part of the problem.  In my defense, the band that played has had plenty of rehearsal time, but not enough stage time.  So, I looked at this as kind of a paid rehearsal (I’m sure the club would of loved hearing that, though they don’t pay professional scale…what should they expect).

    But, I’m not clear on the solution.  I would love to hear your input:  Please post your response and let’s see what we come up with.

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