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A Bass Player's Christmas Wish List

Well, I’m doing my yearly wish list.  But instead of giving it to my family this year, I’m sending it to Santa himself. It’s a pretty hefty list and I will need to enlist some serious Santa gift power to make this happen.

Dear Santa,


This is Scott Woodward writing to you this year. I know it’s been a while, but I thought I would reach out and say hello.


I know…I’ve yelled at some band members this year, but they deserved it: Guitar players playing too loud, Drummers showing up late, Singers…. Well, you know how they are. (Hee Hee Hee)


But, basically I’ve been good and tried to treat people the way I want to be treated.


As you probably know it’s been a tough year for everyone, and I thought I’d ask you for some help in getting some new gear this year.


First off I would like The Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp and the 8×10 matching cabinet.  This will be very useful on those big concert days and I would be the envy of all my friends…Not to mention I could do face melting solos on 11.


Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp


Okay, it really would be great just to have The Markbass Big Bang Head. I’m old and really don’t want to break my back carry a huge rig.   I’d hire someone young to do that.


I will need a few other things to help me sound great. Ok maybe not great, but at least good, so I can keep my job.


I am going to need The Korg Pitchblack+ Tuner, in chrome of course.  Someone in the band has to be in tune, and it might as well be me.


Korg Pitchblack+


I will also need the big box of Sfarzo SFT Super Bass Strings (for both my 4 & 5 string basses).  I know it’s a lot of strings, but with all the beer-soaked, smoky dives I’ve been playing they are not lasting as long as they would in a little classier environment.  Plus, when I get my call to play with the Rolling Stones I’ll be ready.


I would also like a case of custom bass picks from Steve Clayton Picks. I will need these to throw at all my fans while on tour with the Stones.


The Shure ULXD Digital Wireless system would be great for me for two reasons. One I would be able to run all over the stage and put on a great show.  Also, if I run around I may even lose some weight and get into shape…so this could double as workout equipment.  Cool?


The Radical Bassbone would just send me over the top as far as my sound goes.   People would come from miles just to hear me play.


Radical Bassbone


I’m going to need some cables to hook all of this stuff together so I probably should have something good…we wouldn’t want to short circuit anything and start a fire.  So, just to be safe we should go with Hosa Elite guitar and mic cables.


The SKB Stage five pedalboard would be great to protect all of these new toys, because I know I’m supposed to keep my things nice.  No longer would I toss them in my back pack, which usually gets heaved next to my Basses wrapped in those old blankets in the back of my truck.


This brings me to why I am asking for the Levy’s Double Bass gig bag for bass.  I really need to have this so I can get rid of those blankets.


Last night as I was loading my gear a policeman came up to me ask asked what I was carrying.


I told him it was my basses, but he didn’t quite believe me and made me unwrap them…he thought I had a body wrapped up in there!


So this would be a great thing not only for my basses, but it may also eliminate those uncomfortable moments when the police believe I’m trying to discard a body.


Am I asking too much?


I will have milk and cookies for you this year in the kitchen, but if you need something a little stronger you know where the liquor cabinet is.


A Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Scott Woodward

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