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Some are calling it insane, to others it's mesmerizing, and some just don't get it at all.
If you are Lady Gaga, it's Hatsune Miku, but wait a minute!
There’ve been a couple of Mackie SRM650 loudspeakers here that have been waiting patiently to go out on the road.
I hesitated at length before posting this as I know a lot of people who will
In my morning news feed (amongst numerous requests from band's seeking publicity) I found an intersting post by Ari Herstand
If it is what its always been, and never changed, then its not retro.
Music is a consumable, and just as it is with any consumable, the person who benefits from it should compensate the person who created it.
It was a great day to see the Falls, and to check out the set-up for Trivium.
"Progressive folk” and “high energy” were once at the opposite ends of the musical spectrum....
The Deli's Stompbox Exhibit is a free, interactive, in-the-headphones display of guitar effect pedals
A quarter century goes by fast. Real fast. It seems like only yesterday that
When it comes to having music on your website, installing a site-wide music player or embedding a player on your Homepage just isn’t enough.
Back before the economy took its decade long dumpster dive, NAMM was not only the place to to play with the coolest stuff on earth,
Working on your first music video?  Simple tricks to make it wow!
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