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"Progressive folk” and “high energy” were once at the opposite ends of the musical spectrum....
The Deli's Stompbox Exhibit is a free, interactive, in-the-headphones display of guitar effect pedals
A quarter century goes by fast. Real fast. It seems like only yesterday that
When it comes to having music on your website, installing a site-wide music player or embedding a player on your Homepage just isn’t enough.
Back before the economy took its decade long dumpster dive, NAMM was not only the place to to play with the coolest stuff on earth,
Working on your first music video?  Simple tricks to make it wow!
You folks are hard to keep up with... Did you know that? 
I am often asked "So—what cool gear did you see at the ______ show?
There may have been one time in the history of man when an intermittent problem corrected itself, but I doubt it had anything to do with audio.
Here's a contest worth your time.
There's a kraggly looking, boney finger of land pointing out from the east coast of Wisconsin like some prodigal pile of rocks making a break to Michigan’s upper peninsula.
Innovation has spawned many children in the musical instrument family.  It’d also be fair to say that it has many step-children.
The finals for the 2012 School Jam USA competition were underway.
VIDEO: As any accomplished motorhead knows, Turbo means power.
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