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Richard Gilewitz

For over three decades fingerstyle guitarist Richard Gilewitz has charmed audiences with road tales and right-hand wizardry, creating a sparkle of mood mastery and wonderment during each performance. Recognized world wide as a performer who has a quirky take on everything around him, Richard lives up to this depiction with rousing shows filled with offbeat observations and 6 & 12-string gymnastics. As a youngster, Richard Gilewitz embraced such diverse artists as The Beatles, Andres Segovia, Kraftwerk, Leo Kottke, J.S. Bach, Arlo Guthrie, John Fahey and Flatt & Scruggs. With Richard's signature playing style delivering a technical diversity of banjo style picking patterns, classical arpeggios, tapping and harmonics, along with a rhythmic and percussive approach, he shares a fresh impression of sound to the listener during his concert performances and at his annual 2-day GillaCamp Guitar Workshop. Students around the globe also attend Richard's roving GillaCamp Guitar Workshop, a 1 to 4 hour interactive experience that provides players an avenue to renew their love of the guitar. In between touring, Richard conducts private lessons and also teaches students through Skype. Catch Richard's tour schedule at www.richardgilewitz.com


“Sounds Like” I May Have a Problem…

By Richard Gilewitz

No, not that kind of a problem – an actual sound problem. As in sound system. October 2015 was rolling up fast as I prepared to embark on a tour of the UK and Germany. One particular venue on the schedule did not have a sound system. Since I travel lighter than ever these days […]


Four- Scream Halloween

By Richard Gilewitz

In honor of the season, I dug up an old article I wrote for Mel Bay Publications’ Guitar Sessions. With their permission I present: Four-Scream Halloween, a look at the traveling musician. Happy screaming. 4scream_fullstory


Fingerstyle Fingers

By Richard Gilewitz

Recently during my flight across the pond from Florida to the UK for the London Guitar Show, I found myself thinking about what happens when musicians get together. Will there be the usual conversations about new projects in the midst? Are you still playing with so and so or where have you been playing? How’s […]


My Electronic Classroom

By Richard Gilewitz

Some years ago when I was asked that infamous question during an interview, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, I could not have predicted the future. I had no idea. Never knowing where the winds would direct me, as opportunities ebb and flow, I would often land in unexpected, but familiar areas. Today, […]


Tuner and the Ear

By Richard Gilewitz

Well, friends, we have entered a new era. I’ve been keeping an eye and an ear on what’s going on for a while now and it has become obvious to me that no matter what country I’m in, the musical environment, or instructional session that’s being conducted, folks simply do not appear to even think […]


A Capo Conversation

By Richard Gilewitz

Never in a million years could I have guessed that the day would come when I would be in a playfully heated discussion defending the validity and purposes for the existence of a Ukulele capo while on the way to Liverpool, England, home of my idols ,The Beatles. While on the road with Mark Pugh, […]


And, My Guitar’s Name Is…

By Richard Gilewitz

The thought about naming one of my guitars has honestly never crossed my mind. Don’t get me wrong; it’s nothing against those who do. Whether it’s your favorite car, instrument, computer or plant, if that’s your thing, knock yourself out. However, this naming thing may change for me because of a recent experience I had […]


Testing My Musicianship

By Richard Gilewitz

Once again it was the annual check-up time for my actual level of musicianship as I made yet another journey to a beautiful little corner of Switzerland to teach and perform in the town of Gams. On this occasion my visit to Guitar-Repairs’ small concert room allowed me the opportunity to see if I could […]


Coolest Booth on Earth

By Richard Gilewitz

How many times have you been drawn to a booth at a convention anywhere on the planet? For me, I’d have to say that – hands down – the most intriguing and fun one that I’ve stopped by five years running is at the annual European MusikMesse music industry event held in Frankfurt, Germany each […]


The Capo

By Richard Gilewitz

There are so many times when I have written about either a product that is new on the market, an updated model, or discussed the purpose of whatever the little (or big) device is that I gave myself the ultimate out by saying, “This is from a players perspective.” It’s actually not quite the out […]

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