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Lisa Popeil

Celebrity LA voice coach Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice, is one of America's top voice experts. Her Voiceworks® Method has been developed over a 40-year period and is used enthusiastically and successfully by thousands of singers world-wide. Based in Los Angeles, CA (California), Lisa offers vocal lessons, workshops, and the Total Singer DVD.
 The Voiceworks® Method takes the mystery out of singing and shows singers exactly 'what to do' to sing their best in any style. Lisa's techniques feature innovative tools for safe 'belting' for musical theater and commercial vocal styles and deliver instant results for singers. Learn how to sing with the Concepts: Posture, Support, Breathing, Resonance, Vibrato, How to Sing High Notes, Larynx Positions, Range, Power, Vocal Fold Closure, Register Blending. The Total Singer Workshop is the #1 workshop for singers and voice teachers interested in mastering American vocal styles and beautiful speaking.


How Did Bruno Mars Make It?

By Lisa Popeil

Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of six children from a musical family. His father (a Latin percussionist from Brooklyn, New York) and his mother (a hula dancer and talented vocalist) formed a Vegas-style revue which featured the entire Hernandez family. They performed doo-wop medleys and impersonations for enthusiastic crowds. Peter was […]


Lady Gaga

By Lisa Popeil

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), Lady Gaga was born and raised in New York City. She quickly developed a passion for music, learning to play the piano by ear at 4 and composing her own ballads, taking vocal lessons and started writing songs by the age of 13. A year later she […]


Katy Perry

By Lisa Popeil

As we all know, unlike ‘normal’ jobs, there is no direct path to financial independence (aka ‘a job’) as a singer in the commercial music industry. I’ve always been curious about how so-and-so ‘made it’, meaning what was a particular artist’s path to his/her first hit song.  This is my first article of a planned […]


Taylor Swift

By Lisa Popeil

Taylor Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and spent her early years on a Christmas tree farm. Her father is a a financial adviser with the brokerage firm Merrill Lynch.At the age of 9, Swift became interested in musical theater, performed in school productions and traveled to New York for vocal and acting lessons. On […]