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What do you get when you combine a coffee table, sleeping dog, wife at the locked door with a bag of groceries, a shiny wood floor...
So where do you live?  The playhouse or the woodshed?
A seventh string for your acoutic guitar without any permanent modification.
Now everything has changed. 
Knowing when to use what’s available in the techno world can be vital to all traveling musicians.
Sets of Lists...
I just finished doing one of my favorite things...
The thought about naming my guitar has honestly never crossed my mind.
I once wrote an article pertaining to the birth of a donut, which I believe had something to do with an odd method of fending off the tedium and boredom a touring artist might encounter while stuck in a hotel room. 
As a touring musician, I have to admit that when I have the good fortune to spend time with another
Talk about going to extremes. 
As a teenager growing up in Huntsville, Alabama...
Many years ago I had a wonderful opportunity as a touring clinician for Tacoma Guitars.
Traveling the world is one of the major perks of a musician's lot.
My return trip to Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand in May 2012 was not going to happen
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