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Andrea Bensmiller


Prince, the Revolutionist

By Andrea Bensmiller

How Prince Changed the Music Industry Forever Like all Prince fans, I was thrown that Thursday into a giant basket of sorrow. The memories flooded me. I couldn’t find my iPod fast enough, and I spent the bulk of two days shirking all other responsibilities to watch the non-stop tributes to his life on TV. […]


Marriage and Musicians – Should We Even Try?

By Andrea Bensmiller

by Andrea Bensmiller Get a group of musicians into a room and start talking about the things they hate dealing with on an everyday basis and at some point the conversation is going to turn towards getting bitched at in their relationship. That’s not a “don’t put your feet on the coffee table” bitched at […]


Reverb Secrets to Clarify Your Mix

By Andrea Bensmiller

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that reverb is the most important of the effects in our toolbox – but truth be told, it’s not. That distinction goes to EQ, but reverb can certainly make or break your mix. So…what do pro mix engineers do to combat the problem? To answer that question, I enlisted […]


Why Dave is High on Crack

By Andrea Bensmiller

In the world of internet memes, the ones related to music read like Greek mythology.   Take, for example, a recent meme of a Dave Grohl quote that popped up on Facebook recently and then spread like wildfire to the indie musician’s walls. It’s a picture of Grohl, and this quote:   “When I think […]


Let Me Up I've Had Enough

By Andrea Bensmiller

I wanted the title of this piece to be When You Crash. AND Burn. AND Spontaneously Combust. But that was way too long. So I settled for this. At least the flames part seems like it’s gonna get the point across.   I never really thought it would happen to me. Some of us, after […]


Video Review: Sing Anything – Mastering Vocal Styles

By Andrea Bensmiller

Singers: do you know what a glide, a swoop, and a fry are? All are vocal “stylisms” (vocal effects) for use in different musical styles. Sing Anything – Mastering Vocal Styles is a book/CD/website companion set by Gina Latimerlo and Lisa Popeil that shows you in detail what stylisms are and how they are used. […]

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