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Hothead Hits Streets

Blackheart Amps have shaken the guitar world with their no-nonsense high-quality boutique-style amps and ultra-affordable pricing. The range includes four heads, two combos and three cabs, creating multiple configuration possibilities. So, what’s this?

The new BH100H offers 100 watts of all-tube power, with two power modes (Class AB and Class A) divisible by pentode (full power) and triode (half power) and two simple switches – Class and Power (which are what everyone wants, really). The tonal possibilities are massive:

• Class AB/Pentode: 100W of flesh searing power
• Class AB/Triode: 50W, tighter headroom, crisper gain, still hurts
• Class A/Pentode: 60W, lots of headroom before overdrive, nice and plucky
• Class A/Triode: 30W, less headroom, more responsive to your attack

The BH100H Hothead has two channels (Loud and, Louder), selectable via a mini toggle on the faceplate or via the included footswitch. And each channel has a dedicated EQ section. Other BH100H amenities include: a solid state rectifier, DC powered filaments (preamp) for solid, quiet operation and 16-gauge/1.5mm rugged chassis construction with folded and welded corners. It also offers an assortment of outputs: one 16-ohm, two eight-ohm and two four-ohm output jacks, plus a 1/4-inch line out. The heavy-duty cabinet is constructed of durable 15-ply, 18mm, void-free plywood.


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Bruce Bartlett

Audio Engineering Society member Bruce Bartlett is a recording engineer, audio journalist, and microphone engineer ( His latest books are "Practical Recording Techniques 6th Edition" and "Recording Music On Location."

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