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Snapshot Review: Audio-Technica’s ATM350a
Need a mic that can be placed up-close on virtually any acoustic instrument? Something small, yet capable of producing a[...]
Scare LA Gets Its Goth On
I was fortunate enough to attend the 2017 Scare LA Summer Halloween Convention. When I arrived I was surprised at[...]
Yamaha Headphone Comparison: The HPH-MT5, HPH-MT7, HPH-MT8. Which is better?
What goes on inside your own head is your business—especially when you are flipping-off reality and holing up in your[...]
4th Edition Of Recording Engineer’s Handbook Now Available
BOMG Publishing has announced the release of the fully updated fourth edition of Bobby Owsinski's The Recording Engineer's Handbook. Supplementing[...]
Worship MD Debuts “Advanced Audio Seminar”
When we go to a concert, we expect the audio, lighting and visuals to be over the top. If the[...]
QSC K Cardioid Subwoofer
@NAMM 2017 - QSC says the newest member of the K Series family, the K Cardioid Subwoofer, is the world’s[...]
PRS Guitars Introduces New Sonzera Amplifier Line
@NAMM 2017 — PRS Guitars has introduced the new Sonzera series of guitar amps, which consists of the Sonzera 50[...]
Supro’s Historic Reso-glass Guitar Reissues
@NAMM 2017: Building on a storied legacy that dates back to the origins of rock & roll music and the[...]
A new Smithsonian Channel series is about to make some noise as some of the biggest names from the recording[...]
Mackie ProDX8 — A 6-Pack To Go
Over the past few years, I’ve used and reviewed several digital mixers—often times learning them on-the-fly while working with live[...]
Tipling Rock: Small Space, Big Sound
By Gihan Salem Williams Think you need more space to record your magnum opus? Boston-based Tipling Rock does all of[...]
IK Multimedia Introduces iLoud Micro Monitors
Get high-end sound without the high-end price We are pleased to announce that iLoud Micro Monitor, the ultra-compact best sounding[...]
Scare LA Gets Its Goth On
I was fortunate enough to attend the 2017 Scare LA Summer Halloween Convention. When I arrived I was surprised at[...]
THE SOLO GIGGER- Doubles, Anyone?
It’s summertime and the gigging is easy. Well, maybe not every day or week, but if you're developing your show[...]
@NAMM: ProDX Wireless Digital Mixers
Mackie's ProDX Series features two models, the 4-channel ProDX4 and the 8-channel ProDX8, with wireless streaming and control, powerful processing,[...]
The Capo
There are so many times when I have written about either a product that is new on the market, an[...]
Present Your Songs To A Global Audience
With Music Maker Jam,  the music making app available for iOS, Android and Windows 8 and 10, you can mix,[...]
Scare L.A.
In August I attended the 2015 ScareLA show in Pasadena at the Convention Center. The show was held on August[...]
How To End Feedback
There's nothing that makes us cringe more than being at a club, concert venue or House-Of-Worship and experiencing earsplitting feedback.[...]
The Solo Gigger – Continuing Education
What's the name of the last book you read? Some of you will have an immediate response and may even[...]
Ninja Tuner Stays Hidden Until Needed
Tuning your guitars and other instruments is stealthier with tDeltaLab's new NT-100 Ninja tuner. This tuner attaches to the back[...]
Fun With Pedals
It all started when I was 14 and I got my first guitar rig. I had my Les Paul copy[...]
Preventing Wireless Mic Dropouts
by Bruce Bartlett Chffffft! That’s the sound of a wireless mic dropout. The microphone makes a burst of noise or[...]
Roland Announces New York Blues Tone Capsule
Developed under the supervision of NYC guitarist Oz Noy, the New York Blues Tone Capsule delivers a unique tonal fusion[...]
Sample Pad 4 From Alesis Coming Shortly
The new  SamplePad 4 from Alesis is a compact all-in-one percussion and sample-playing instrument with wide-ranging capability and adaptability in[...]
Digital Consoles Reimagine Small to Mid Format Mixer Segment
Yamaha has introduced the new  digital consoles that represent quite a rethink in how we mix a live performance. The[...]
Learning Tunes
Unless you perform in a tribute band of artists no longer recording, chances are you'll need to add new material[...]
@NAMM: From Waves Audio—Virtual Mix Room Plugin
Waves Nx is a Virtual Mix Room plugin that puts you in the sweet spot – everywhere you go. Waves[...]
Adele, Grammys and Vocal Damage
BY ANDREA BENSMILLER If you thought Adele’s Grammy performance, besides the obvious pitch problems (whether caused by bad sound or[...]
Free Download – Novation Automap 3.3
Novation's Automap v3.3 mapping software enables the company’s MIDI control surfaces to smoothly integrate with digital audio workstations (DAWs). The[...]